Zoetis Canada supplies parasite prevention for pets in the SafePet Ontario program

By July 26, 2021 News

SafePet Ontario has partnered with Zoetis Canada to supply parasite prevention for all companion animals enrolled in the program. The new partnership will help pets enrolled in the SafePet Ontario program to remain as healthy as possible while they wait to be reunited with their owners.

In addition to receiving a complimentary wellness exam and routine vaccinations when they first arrive into the program, SafePet Ontario companion animals will now also receive free parasite prevention throughout the duration of their stay with their foster families.

“Both Zoetis and SafePet Ontario are driven to make a difference by caring for animals,” says Stevan Agbaba, Zoetis’ regional sales manager. “Pets have been our trusted companions throughout history and keeping them healthy is Zoetis’ top priority.”

Administered by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, SafePet Ontario helps people and pets find safety sooner by coordinating foster care for the pets of survivors fleeing domestic violence.

Corporate sponsors are important supporters of the program, providing essential supplies, resources and funding that enables SafePet Ontario to deliver quality care to the pets enrolled in the program. With Zoetis’ assistance, SafePet will now be able to offer additional health protection for pets in foster care.

“We want survivors to know that they’re not alone and that it will get better,” says Agbaba. “Your pets are in good hands and will be receiving the highest quality of care and parasite control.”

For more information about SafePet Ontario or to register as a veterinary partner, visit www.safepet.ca.


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