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Become a SafePet Ontario authorized referral agent

As authorized referral agents, law enforcement and victim services help to enroll owner and pet into the program and work with a SafePet Ontario representative ensure the survivor and their pet get to safety.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are often the first to encounter an individual experiencing domestic or intimate partner violence. Officers help educate and intervene, allowing survivors and their pets to leave abusive environments sooner. As a SafePet Ontario partner, officers can help direct survivors to the SafePet program so they know there is an option to flee with their beloved companion animals. Law enforcement can also refer directly to Victim Services, who can help enroll the individual and their pet into the program. 

When equipped with the knowledge of the SafePet Ontario program, our first responders can help survivors and their pets seek safety by providing life-changing information.

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Victim Services

Victim Services coordinators are often the first to uncover an individual experiencing domestic or intimate partner violence, who may need assistance with their pet. Crisis-intervention coordinators work directly with law enforcement to help enroll victims into the program, as well as collaborate with SafePet Ontario and other authorized referral agents (such as human shelters and transitional homes) to utilize all resources available to ensure the survivor and their pet get to safety. 

Victim Service providers are able to sign up as authorized referral agents in order to help survivors access SafePet services. If you are interesting in signing up please do so here. Sign Up as a Referral Agent.

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