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Become a SafePet Ontario human shelter partner

For many, human shelters are the first point of contact for someone experiencing domestic violence.

How does the program work?

  • Survivors must contact an authorized organization to request enrollment in the SafePet Ontario program.
  • The authorized organization must complete the SafePet Ontario enrollment form to request assistance for their client.
  • Once a survivor and their pet are enrolled in the SafePet Ontario program, and a foster family that suits the pet’s needs has been found, the survivor will drop their pet off at an agreed-upon location.
  • A veterinarian will perform a free health examination, and administer any needed vaccinations, once the pet has been dropped off. From there, the pet will then be transferred to their foster family (where they will stay until the survivor is re-established).
  • When the survivor is ready, a SafePet Ontario representative will arrange to reunite the pet with their owner.

To learn more about becoming a human shelter partner, fill out our online form. For more information, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Become a Human Shelter Partner

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